*****OPENING APRIL 20, 2018*****


                                               Hours  M-F 8 a - 7 p,   Sat 8 a - 6 p,   Sun 9 a - 4 p


                                      *****Come in and see what we have  Spring of 2018*****



          Come in and let us help you create your vision for your garden.  


We have a great variety of vegetable plants, hanging baskets, bedding plants, perennials, combination planters and more.  Come in and see what we have to enhance your garden.      


                                               Proven Winners Available

                                                 Plants of Merit Avilalble

                                                   Locally Grown Plants

                                                       Native Perennials

                                                     Vegetables and Herbs

                                                          And Much More


Visual effects are always connected with trends. Sometimes there are so many trends that you can no longer manage with such a huge selection. No problem with Tammy's Flower Garden.


We are your contact partner when it comes to individual styling which will make you feel good. Our store provides you with a large selection from which to choose items that meet your taste. When doing so, we will help you combine different products and will advise you professionally, competently, and comprehensivley.


Come in and talk to us, we are here for you!

In our selected assortment, you will find products from many different brands and growers at affordable prices.


We carry a variety of annuals, perennials and combination planters ready for you to instantly inhance your garden.  Come in and see what strikes your fancy.


In our store, we offer you a large selection of high quality goods and products at affordable prices.


 Our staff is helpful, and can answer most gardening questions.  We can guide you to choices that suit your garden, with considerations for sun/shade, moist/dry locations, along with color preferences.  Come in and let us help you.

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